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We hope you will take a few minutes to visit the different pages and learn more about our Mission and various ministries!  We hope to have a positive impact on many lives in Southwest Mississippi.


We want to give the public and our supporters the opportunity to stay in touch with our organziation, understand the services we offer, and know that we handle every dollar we receive responsibly.


If you have questions and cannot find the answer on our website, you can reach us at (601) 684-4678. 

St. Andrew's Business Mill

We're in the business of identifying and filling the needs of this community as a nonprofit enterprise. St. Andrew's Mission Business Mill provides the necessary resources and infrastructure to help you get your new business up and running.

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The Food HUB

St. Andrew's is partnering with Up in Farms, a food hub in Jackson that coordinates production schedules with farmers based upon the demand by regional buyers. St. Andrew's will be a part of the system by providing cold storage to regional farmers at The Business Mill. For more information, call Calvin Phelps at (213) 924-3472.

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