St. Andrew's is partnering with Up in Farms, a food hub in Jackson that coordinates production schedules with farmers based upon the demand by regional buyers. St. Andrew's will be a part of the system by providing cold storage to regional farmers at The Business Mill. For more information, call Calvin Phelps at (213) 924-3472.


If you are 45 years young or better, you will want to check out our wonderful facility at 201 Main Street in McComb, Mississippi.


When our facility is not in use for member activities, it can be rented for events.


St. Andrew's Mission is in the process of converting a portion of the McComb Mill Building into a "Small Business Incubator" to help local entrepreneurs launch their own businesses. For more info, email:


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St. Andrew’s Mission thrift stores help generate funds to support our various ministries.  We welcome donation of clothes, household items, furniture, computers, toys, etc.  We even accept donations of used cars, trucks, vans, and boats!  Good quality items are sold at very reasonable prices.



Free to Anyone who does not have medical coverage. You need an appointment, so call (601) 250-6830 for an appointment.

All of our doctors volunteer their time, so clinic hours will vary.


Every Monday and Friday our soup kitchen, "S.A.M.'s Diner", serves a hot meal to anyone who needs it. We're located at 615 Bendat St. in McComb. Lunch is served in two shifts at 11:30 and 12:15.


Our food pantry serves seniors and adults with disabilities in our area.  We work with M.I.C.A. and other organizations to make sure we do not duplicate services so we can reach more people in our community.


If you or anyone you know needs a hot meal, we're here to serve.

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