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St. Andrew’s Mission was started in 1995 and incorporated in 1997 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit mission organization based in McComb, Mississippi.  It was started by a previous pastor of St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in McComb in 1995.  This pastor had a vision of helping the citizens of the White Acres living community, a low-income housing community located right across the street from the church.  The mission received a grant to start providing daycare services and a food pantry ministry for the residents of White Acres, and St. Andrew’s Mission was incorporated in 1997. 


When the Mission moved from this church on Labranch Street, there were over twenty child care centers operating in the area, so we only moved one ministry, our food ministry. Since then, we have grown our ministries and now provides meals to the hungry, medical care to the sick, monthly food distributions, activities for seniors, along with assistance and counseling to those in need.


Our employees, our Board of Directors, and our volunteers are very grateful for the opportunity to serve the needs of our community and we appreciate all of your support.



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